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In support of the noble activities of the Foundation for the animals: Jedno Serce Nie Da Rady, we made a web service, where you can learn more about its mission and meet all the proteges.

We invite you to visit, comments, share this information and help in any other form because Jedno Serce Nie Da Rady.

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Web Design

We have over 15 years of experience in the field of web design. We guarantee robust performance and high quality. We design a modern, transparent, responsive and very easy to use website.


Passion, motivation and commitment

This is a key to success , that is why each of our order is treated as a unique challenge and we approach it with exceptional enthusiasm.


Comprehensive services

We offer comprehensive services from A to Z, including configuration, installation, modification of code on our proven server.


Visual identification

Graphic creations, corporate identity, animation, advertising.

We create a variety of projects, designed for use in print and digital media.

All materials are prepared professionally in accordance with the assumptions.


We care about the image of Your company


  • We will take care of

    Your data, providing a safe, quick and easy access with a set of web hosting, ftp, mail, database, backup.

    Reliability and attractive price are the undeniable advantages of this offer.


  • In addition we propose:

    cutting by a  plotter elements of  vector graphics, text, logos and more.

    large format printing

    a low cost printing of leaflets, business cards, posters, t-shirts

    templates for the most popular websites in the cms systems - creating, modifying, coding


    and many more

  • Advertising flags
    • freestanding flag dimensions - 0,8m x 2,5m
    • mast height - 3,1m
    • diameter: 20-25 mm
    • aluminum construction
    • installation time: 1 minute
    • finish-through tunnels
    • included: mast, flag, standard base 15kg, cover


@ Your Service


We are always interested in the proposal of cooperation and interesting projects. If you want to talk about Your idea or create a website design for print or realize other ideas, please contact us. In order to obtain an accurate price, describe your needs in the most detailed way.